Staff Directory

Board of Education
Staff Member Phone
Main Office (856) 784-1333
Attendance Officer (856) 784-1333 x4101
Board of Education (856) 784-3545
Interim Superintendent (856) 784-1287
Cafeteria (856) 784-1333 x4132
Custodian Manager (856) 784-1333 x4193
Guidance Department (856) 784-1335
Affirmative Action Officer (856) 784-1333 x4180
Youth Study Team (856) 784-1840
504 Officer (856) 784-1333 x4188
Channel 19 (856) 784-1333 x4119
Board of Education
Staff Member Title Phone Email
Mark Napoleon Superintendent (856) 784-1287 Send Email
Mrs. Louise Barikian President – Stratford Send Email
Mr. Paul Sims Vice President – Stratford Send Email
Mr. John D. Keenan Treasurer Send Email
Mrs. Betty Giambrone Board Secretary (856) 882-1171 Send Email
Mr. Anthony Campbell Board of Education – Somerdale Send Email
Mrs. Maureen Murphy Board of Education – Somerdale Send Email
Mrs. Barbara Okeson-Brandt Board of Education – Magnolia Send Email
Mr. Clark Pierce Board of Education – Stratford Send Email
Mr. Kevin Smith Board of Education – Somerdale Send Email
Mr. Robert Kelly Board of Education – Stratford Send Email
Ms. Monica Korn Board of Education – Laurel Springs Send Email
Mr. John Volosin Board of Education – Magnolia Send Email
Mrs. Betty Giambrone Business Administrator (856) 882-1171 Send Email
Mr. Mark Napoleon Superintendent/Principal (856) 784-1333 x4169 Send Email
Mr. Sean Redman Vice-Principal (856) 784-1333 x4141 Send Email
Mr. Matt Sheehan Athletic Director (856) 784-1333 x4701 Send Email
Mr. Mike Eckmeyer Director of Student Personnel Services (856) 784-1333 x4178 Send Email
Mrs. Robynn Considine Vice Principal- Curriculum (856) 784-1333 x4652 Send Email
Mr. Jim McCullough Supervisor Secondary Education (856) 784-1333 x4444 Send Email
Mrs. Veronica Stanley Director of Special Services (856) 784-1333 x4180 Send Email


Art/Music Department
Staff Member Title Phone Email Website
Ms. Brooke Murray Spring Musical Director (856) 784-1333 x5018 Send Email
Ms. Dana Taddei Instructor – Art (856) 784-1333 x5022 Send Email
Ms. Heather Trautz Instructor – Art (856) 784-1333 x5080 Send Email Website
Mr. Walter Young Instructor – Inst. Music (856) 784-1333 x4190 Send Email
Mr. Alex Younger Instructor – Vocal Music (856) 784-1333 x4127 Send Email
Mr. Matt Sheehan Athletic Director (856) 784-1333 x4701 Send Email
Mr. Shawn Klenk Athletic Trainer (856) 784-1333 x4191 Send Email
Ms. Patricia Benz Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5068 Send Email
Mrs. Caroline Tantum Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5007 Send Email
Mr. Gregory Yeager Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5020 Send Email
Computer Systems
Mr. Paul Mays Network Administrator (856) 784-1333 x4182 Send Email
Mr. Michael Carty Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5059 Send Email Website
Mrs. Nicole Dunn Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5067 Send Email Website
Ms. Rachel Emig-Tait Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5035 Send Email Website
Mrs. Amanda Hewsen Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5000 Send Email
Mr. Henry Kelsey Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5021 Send Email
Mrs. Kristen Kelsey Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5046 Send Email
Mr. Scott Manlove Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5084 Send Email
Mrs. Laura McKee Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5056 Send Email
Mrs. Jennifer Murphy Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5039 Send Email Website
Ms. Sarah Robinson Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5079 Send Email Website
Family and Consumer Sciences
Ms. Carrin Bachowski Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5042 Send Email
Mrs. Rosemary Dobbins Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5074 Send Email
Mr. Dan Riley Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5014 Send Email
Foreign Language
Ms. Mimma-Marie Cammarata Italian Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5058 Send Email
Ms. Sharon Galt Spanish Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5081 Send Email Website
Mrs. Michelle Myers French Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5062 Send Email Website
Ms. Carolyn Strow Spanish Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5012 Send Email
Ms. Ardele Vuolo Latin Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5001 Send Email
Health/Physical Education
Mrs. Emily Caracciolo Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5017 Send Email
Ms. Kacey Ehret Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5033 Send Email
Ms. Linda Heuschkel Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5053 Send Email
Mr. Christopher Hoffman Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5005 Send Email Baseball Page
Class Website
Mr. Michael Lamb Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5061 Send Email
Ms. Mellissa Minuto Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5043 Send Email
Mr. William O’Donnell Instructor (856) 784-1333 Send Email
Mr. Keith Shepherd Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5050 Send Email Website
Mr. Clint Wiley Instructor (856) 784-1333 x4702 Send Email
Individual Education
Mr. Robert Atene Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5072 Send Email
Mrs. Dawn Baker Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5010 Send Email
Ms. Lynee Covington Instructor of Handicap (856) 784-1333 x5064 Send Email
Miss Alexis Ciccarelli Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5077 Send Email
Mr. Zach Grigioni Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5037 Send Email
Mrs. Karen Hoffman Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5045 Send Email
Mr. Christopher Jones Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5006 Send Email Class Website
Frosh Baseball
Mr. Jason Kangas Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5034 Send Email
Mrs. Katrina McDonald Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5047 Send Email
Mrs. Kelsey Rella Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5048 Send Email
Mr. Justin O’Neill Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5083 Send Email
Mr. Paul Reagle Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5070 Send Email Website
Ms. Rachel Riebel Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5013 Send Email
Mrs. Lauren Rossi Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5060 Send Email
Mr. David Santana Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5087 Send Email
Mrs. Marci Stepash Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5065 Send Email
Mr. Daniel Stuart Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5015 Send Email
Ms. Melissa Toscano Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5057 Send Email
Mrs. Felice Thomas Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5019 Send Email
Mr. Joe Vespe Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5071 Send Email
Mr. Darrick Warfle Instructional Aide (856) 784-1333 x5016 Send Email
Kristin Irace Media Specialist (856) 784-1333 x4102 Send Email  Website
Mr. David Baitinger Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5009 Send Email
Mr. John Baker Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5023 Send Email Website
Mr. Brian Blumenstein Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5002 Send Email
Ms. Jamie DeVecchis Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5040 Send Email
Mrs. Jessica Fiordimondo Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5029 Send Email
Mr. John Greener Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5032 Send Email Website
Mr. Matthew Macpherson Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5063 Send Email Website
Mr. Kevin Schules Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5049 Send Email
Mrs. Stephanie Zapisek Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5086 Send Email Website
Mr. Dale Oltarzewski Instructor (856) 784-1333 x4192 Send Email
Mr. Eric Humphreys Instructor (856) 784-1333 x4192 Send Email
Mrs. Lis Brennan R.N (856) 784-1333 x4239 Send Email
Mrs. Stacey Masino R.N (856) 784-1333 x4239 Send Email
Mrs. Mary Jo Eppright Substance Abuse Coordinator (856) 784-1333 x4164 Send Email
Mrs. Jill Callaghan Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5026 Send Email
Mr. John Flocco Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5031 Send Email Website
Mr. Michael Goffredo Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5004 Send Email
Ms. Linda Hunt Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5054 Send Email
Ms. Lauren Maunz Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5055 Send Email
Mr. Jeffrey McIlvaine Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5038 Send Email
Ms. Cynthia Packer Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5066 Send Email
Social Studies
Mr. Justin Barringer Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5024 Send Email
Mr. James Blumenstein Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5025 Send Email
Mr. Chris Carpenter Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5088 Send Email
Mr. John Gardiner Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5076 Send Email
Mr. Peter Marlys Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5069 Send Email Website
Soccer Page
Mr. Paul Stanko Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5003 Send Email Website
Ms. Kelly Tallant-Johnson Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5051 Send Email
Student Services / Guidance
Mrs. Tara Eberly Guidance Counselor (856) 784-1333 x4178 Send Email
Mr. Mike Eckmeyer Director of Student Personnel Services (856) 784-1333 x4178 Send Email
Mr. Dan Howey Guidance Counselor (856) 784-1333 x4602 Send Email
Mrs. Patrice Litle Guidance Counselor (856) 784-1333 x4177 Send Email
Mr. William Scully Guidance Counselor (856) 784-1333 x4170 Send Email
Ms. Paula Swan Guidance Counselor (856) 784-1333 x4175 Send Email
Technology Education
Mr. Dan Farr Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5011 Send Email Website
Mr. Joseph Feeney Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5030 Send Email Website
Mr. Tadd Kozeniewski Ch. 19 / General Manager (856) 784-1333 x4119 Send Email Website
Mr. Robert Strauss Instructor (856) 784-1333 x5078 Send Email
Secretarial Staff
Mrs. Jeanette Dean Secretary to the Superintendent (856) 784-1287 Send Email
Mrs. Kristin Coco Secretary to the Business Administrator (856) 784-1333 x1171 Send Email
Mrs. Carolyn Hall Secretary to the Principal (856) 784-1333 x4169 Send Email
Mrs. Maria DeJesus Guidance Secretary (856) 784-1333 x4103 Send Email
Mrs Judy Birchall Lare Bookkeeper (856) 784-3545 Send Email
Mrs. Charlene Pezzato Payroll Secretary, Assistant to the Business Administrato (856) 784-3545 Send Email
Mrs. Julia Haughwout Main Office (856) 784-1333 x4100 Send Email
Mrs. Stephanie Schley-Hall Youth Study Team (856) 784-1333 x4104 Send Email
Mrs. Sally Leech Guidance Secretary (856) 784-1333 x4162 Send Email
Ms. Carisa Joyce Secretary to the Vice Principal (856) 784-1333 x4141 Send Email
Youth Study Team / Special Education
Ms. Stacy Diduch Psychologist (856) 784-1333 x4187 Send Email
Ms. Margarita Guevara Social Worker (856) 784-1333 x4655 Send Email
Mrs. Nancy LeBano Speech Therapist (856) 784-1333 x4189 Send Email
Ms. Veronica Stanley Director of Special Services (856) 784-1333 x4180 Send Email
Ms. Margaret Wilson Social Worker (856) 784-1333 x4655 Send Email