Coronavirus Information and Parent Letter

Coronavirus Information
Posted on 03/04/2020
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Links to Parent Letters from Acting Superintendent/Principal, Mr. Matthew Sheehan, regarding the Coronavirus and Remote Learning Plan.

School began Remote Online Learning beginning Monday, March 16.  The Governor and NJDOE have officially closed in person school for the remainder of the 19-20 school year. the Sterling High School Administration has developed a Phase Two of our Remote Learning Plan.  Remote Learning is something new to all of us and based on the feedback of our staff, students, and parents we have made adjustments that are appropriate for all stakeholders.
Please click here for Key Contact Resources at Sterling HS.

Senior students should be receiving information from Mr. Marlys and Mr. Manlove via their school email. 
Click this link for the Graduation Taping Schedule, which will be part of the Graduation Station Experience for all Seniors beginning June 8th .   Please use this email for Graduation Recording schedule inquiries. 

GRADUATION Letter to Parents/Guardians 6.5.2020

Updated COVID-19 Preparedness Plan - 5.12.20

Mr. Sheehan Letter To Parents 5.8.20

Letter to Class of 2020 Parents and Students 4.24.20

Phase 2 Remote Learning Parent Letter 4.6.20

Notification Letter 4.1.2020

Sterling HS Updated Preparedness Plan 3.20.2020

Letter to Parents - March 16, 2020

Letter to Parents - March 14, 2020

Remote Home Instruction Plan 

Letter to Parents - March 4, 2020

Video Messages:

Mr. Sheehan's Weekly Video 5.28.2020 from the New Gym Stage

Mr. Sheehan's Weekly Video 5.21.2020

Mr. Sheehan's Weekly Video 5.15.2020

Mr. Sheehan's Weekly Video 5.8.2020

Mr. Sheehan's Weekly Video 5.1.2020

Mr. Sheehan Week 5 Phase 2 Remote Learning 4.24.20

Mr. Sheehan Week 4 From the TV Studio 4.9.20

Mr. Sheehan Remote Learning Week 3 from TV Studio 4.3.20

Mr. Sheehan Remote Learning Week 2 from TV Studio 3.26.20

Mr. Sheehan Day 5 SHS 3.20.20 From Set of Newsies

Mr. Sheehan Remote Learning Day 4 from TV Studio

Mr. Sheehan Remote Learning Day 2 3.17.20

Mr. Sheehan Morning News 3.16.20

Internet Resources for Remote Learning:

Setting up Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication 

Comcast Internet Essentials Program

Connecting to Your Home Wifi

For Tech Support, email at 

In an effort to support the statewide "Stay at Home" policy, Walk up/Onsite tech support is closed.  All Support should be directed to remote/virtual support via the email above.  If necessary, appointments will be scheduled.  Onsite (at SHS) Tech Support hours will be reviewed again the week of April 20.

Additional Resources:

Virtual Emotional/ Mental Health Resources

What is 2019 Novel Coronavirus?

What you Need to Know About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Stop the Spread of Germs

Wash Your Hands Fact Sheet

Family Handwashing - Keeping Your Family Healthy

County Resources - Contact List