Prom Information

The 2020 Student Prom is being held on Friday May 1st! 

More info to come...  Please review past info for an idea of what's to come.

Prom Letter 2019
Prom Pledge
Prom Ticket Purchase Request
Parent Prom Program, "Right In Our Backyard"

The Sterling Municipal Alliance is hosting a Community Awareness Program titled, "Right in Our Own Backyard"
Information about the program is attached.  

While planning and enjoying the big night, make smart decisions to help keep it safe...  

Opioid Use and Misuse Fact Sheet
Look and Feel Awesome!
Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth
6 Tips to create a Safe Prom and Graduation Season
NJ Family Raises Awareness with Obituary
SLLiP - A Short Film about Addiction
Addiction Awareness Task Force