Strategic Action Plans

Strategic Action Plans

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Goal 1: Increase Parent and Community involvement by making the high school the visible and accessible hub of the community.

Objective 1: Offer continuing education classes for adult community members
Objective 2: Improve communication with the community
Objective 3: Create a district newsletter that promotes all things Sterling High School
 Objective 4:  To update the plaque in the main hallway of Sterling High School to reflect all the individuals from the Sterling community that served during the Vietnam era.

Goal 2: Promote a sense of student ownership in their education and greater community.

Objective 1: Improve fundraising efforts that assist with programs that promote student success.

Goal 3: Collaborate with all stakeholder to pursue best practices in the application of 21st Century Learning Skills.

Objective 1: To create a shared vision and mission for the district that will promote student achievement now and in the future.
Goal 4:  Develop Infrastructure to advance student success.

Objective 1:  Phase II Construction Projects - To upgrade the Culinary Arts classroom and improve athletic facilities for baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse.