Orientation Assignments



We are all excited to see you and begin working toward a successful year.  While we're all preparing for something new, we're confident that with a willingness and commitment to learning - this year will be safe, refreshing, and a successful experience for all.  

Please complete the following Forms by September 9th.  These items can be completed anywhere you can connect to the internet and from a simple device like a cell phone.

"Welcome Back" FORM

School Website Review FORM

School Safety FORM

By your first day of in-person Orientation, your teachers will have added you to a TEAM for each of your classes.  Invites to those TEAMs will be in your email.  All students will receive TEAMs training during the Orientation.  Please review the Orientation Schedule HERE.  Please do not worry about accessing TEAMs until you have been to the Orientation. 

During the first week of Orientation, Sept 8-11, the TEAMS class set up process and training will be considered the assignments.


During the week of September 14 (the second week of Orientation), teachers will begin to share course pre-assessments and other pre-course assignments.


HYBRID Instruction begins September 21.  This is when those attending in-person will begin, and those connecting remotely will attend class at the scheduled class time.