The Road Forward

The Road Forward


2023-2024 School Year Updates:

Remote Instruction Plan  and Remote Instruction Plan Guidance Updated September 2023

NJDOH Recommendations for Public Schools 2024.4.17

NJDOH Recommendations for Public Schools 2023.8.31

Safe Return Plan  Updated December 2023

2022-2023 School Year Updates

Remote Instruction Plan Updated September 2022

NJDOH Update Letter from Superintendent 2022.9.8

NJ DOH Recommendations for Public Schools 2022.8.29

Positive Persons must still quarantine for 5 days from symptom start with mask wearing on days 6-10.   Symptom start day is Day Zero of the quarantine period. 
Positive Students must supply a Positive PCR or Rapid Test performed by a healthcare professional in order to excuse the absence from school.  A home test will not be accepted to excuse the absence. 

NJ DOH Recommendations for Public Schools 2022.7.6

Report via email to [email protected] 

2021-2022 Guidance:

NJ DOH Recommendations for Public Schools 2022.2.22

NJ DOH Recommendations for Public Schools 2022.1.19

NJ DOH Recommendations for Public Schools 2022.1.12

What does this mean for STERLING HS?
Read the 2022.2.25 Letter from Superintendent Matt Sheehan (Spanish Version)

2022 In-Person Special Half Day Student Schedule:
January 10-21 In Person Half Day Schedule

In Person

Special Half Day Student Schedule

*No Lunch Period

**No Study Hall Period

***No early drop off




Start Time

3a/3b Courses

7:25 Entrance


Block 1

7:55 Entrance


Block 2



Block 4



Block 5




TO GO lunch pick up


Independent Study

Asynchronous Remote




  • No Breakfast
  • No Lunch Period
  • Lunch and the following days breakfast will be distributed at 2 exit locations at the end of the day
    • At 12:00 Dismissal Students can grab a single day Lunch and Breakfast TO GO
    • The Café/Band Door Exit or The Main Entrance



  • 7:25 Entrance Bell for Block 3 Courses ONLY (Attendance Required)
    • Regular entrances
  • 7:55 Entrance for all other students
  • NO Early Drop Off
    • Students without a 3a/3b course cannot arrive to campus prior to 7:55


Dismissal and Athletics:

  • 12:00 Dismissal for all Students
  • Athletes may not return to campus prior to 2:30

2022 Remote Instruction Schedule (when Necessary):


Start Time



Block 1


Block 2


Block 4


Block 5


January 4-7 Synchronous Schedule (Click HERE for Spanish)

Sterling HS Points of Emphasis:

2022.2.25 Letter from Superintendent Matt Sheehan regarding Mask Update.

2022.1.14 Letter From Superintendent Matt Sheehan

ARP ESSER Use of Funds Plan Sterling HS

COVID-19 Status Update Letter to Parents & Staff from Superintendent Matt Sheehan 9-24-21

Travel Protocols Letter From Superintendent Matt Sheehan 2021.9.8

Safe Return Plan Stakeholder Notification Memo 2021.8.20

Safe Return Plan 2021.12.22 Pursuant to the Federal American Rescue Plan Act

Executive Order 251 (Mask Wearing) Letter From Superintendent Matt Sheehan 2021.8.16

Vaccine Letter From Superintendent Matt Sheehan 2021.8.20

The Road Forward Letter From Superintendent Matt Sheehan 2021.7.6

Video Links:
Please watch the weekly Castle Connection Video HERE for the most up to date information.

In-Person Instruction:

2021-2022 school year will consist of Full Day In-Person instruction following our normal bell schedule and annual school calendar.  2021-2022 School Calendar

Please note the opening week of school September 7-10th includes early dismissal school days where students and staff will participate in activities that inspire active participation.

Student Entry:

100 Wing (near the Science wing, facing Warwick Rd)

300 Wing (by Preston Ave Lot near BOE building)

Band Hall (by new parking lot and cafeteria)

Late students and Guests will enter at the Main Office Entrance.

No Early drop-off of students. The entrance bell is 7:22.

Student Lockers:

Students will have access to lockers before school, after school, and during lunch.  Backpacks and water bottles will be permitted at the start of the school year.

Physical Education:

For the start of the school year, P.E. students will not have access to locker rooms and will not change for P.E.  Therefore, students enrolled in P.E. should dress to school in appropriate P.E. participation clothing (See Student Handbook).  This includes appropriate footwear. 

Extra-Curricular Activities and Athletics:

Athletics have begun.  SHS is following all District, State, and NJSIAA guidelines to provide our student athletes a positive experience.  Athletes will have access to locker rooms.  Please visit Sterling Athletics Home page.  Student Athletes must wear mask while on buses. 

Breakfast and Lunch:

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided during normal school times.  SHS will be participating in the National School Lunch Program to provide free meals for all students during the academic school year.  Please review 2021-2022 School Letter HERE regarding the lunch program.

Students arriving for Breakfast should enter directly at the cafeteria beginning at 7:00a.m.  Only students acquiring breakfast will be permitted in the cafeteria at that time.  There is no early drop-off location.

Lunches will be divided into two main locations of the cafeteria and gym.


Per the Governor’s Executive order 251 all students and staff are required to wear masks for the start of the school year.  See Mask Wearing Letter from Superintendent Matt Sheehan.


Vaccinations are encouraged for all students and staff.  See Vaccine Letter 2021.8.20 from Superintendent Matt Sheehan for more information.  Vaccination verification will be necessary when evaluating close contact situation and required quarantined timelines.  Please note that masks are not considered exemption from being identified as a close contact.  

Synchronous Instruction during Quarantine:

Synchronous instruction will be available via Microsoft TEAMs only to students who are confirmed with Covid related exemptions (illness or quarantine).  All other absence will be considered unexcused absence. 

Physical Distancing:

Physical distancing has been planned for at the greatest extent possible.  A physical distance of at least three feet will be maintained when and where possible within the building’s classroom structure.


Parent and guardians will be responsible for self-screening their students.  Please reference this Daily Screening document as a reference. 

Reporting COVID related Diagnosis or Exposure:

Parents and guardians should report to the school via email to [email protected]

Students should inform their Teachers via email or the TEAMs chat feature.

Administrators will confirm positive diagnosis or exposure of students with parent/guardians and then communicate to Teachers individual students need for synchronous instruction during their quarantine period. 


SHS maintains its commitment to nightly classroom cleaning.  Additionally, classroom disinfectant wipes are available for all students and staff.  Hand sanitizer remains available throughout the building.  High touch areas will continue to be disinfected routinely throughout the school day.  Staff and students are encouraged to practice hand washing and appropriate respiratory etiquette.


All occupied spaces are properly ventilated.  Our fresh-air exchange system in all occupied spaces is continually monitored as part of our regular facility maintenance program.  Filter changes occur as required for proper maintenance. Outdoor spaces are permitted to be utilized at the staff member’s discretion.

Sterling High School Restart & Recovery Plan 2021

Sterling High School Remote Instruction Plan 2021

State and County Links:
The Road Forward

Recommended Minimum Quarantine Timeframes

NJDOE Department of Health COVID-19: Information for Schools

For previous information from the 20-21 school year, please click HERE.

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