The Road Back Fall 2020 Restart

The Road Back
2020 Fall Return to School Plan

The 2020-2021 Academic School Year has begun.  Sterling begins with an Orientation for staff and students.  Please review the 20-21 School Calendar HERE
Students will begin to complete Orientation Assignments from home beginning September 3rd.  All students will then begin to report to in-person Orientation beginning September 8th.  Please review the Orientation Schedule HERE and note your Blue or Silver grouping.
The Hybrid Schedule begins on September 21st.  During the Hybrid schedule, all students, both in-person and fully remote will log in to class daily at the scheduled start time.  Please review the Hybrid Schedule HERE and watch the latest Weekly Video.

Points of Emphasis: 
All Students must participate in the Student Orientation as part of the technology training for Remote/Hybrid instruction.  Even students who have selected fully remote participation.
Face Coverings Memo with approved masks at SHS

Updated Orientation Schedule Fall 2020

Entrance Map for Fall 2020 (Includes locations and grade level entry times)

Self-Screening Login and Questions

Planning for the Road Back Return to School:
Please review the following information regarding the Sterling High School District Fall 2020 return to school plan as it relates to the Governors "The Road Back" plans as well as local guidance from the Camden County Department of Education and CDC. 

Fall 2020 Return to School update August 24, 2020

Superintendent's Letter to Parents August 13, 2020

FALL Return to School Plan July 31, 2020

Fall 2020 Fully Remote Schedule Scenario

Fall 2020 Hybrid Schedule Scenario

Side by Side Guide comparing the three (3) schedule Scenarios

Fall Schedule FAQ's

PPE Example Purchases for Fall Reopening 

Click here for previous information when the school closed in the Spring for Remote Learning.

County Documents:

COVID Flow Chart of Degrees of Separation

Response to Confirmed or Suspected COVID Cases

Recommendations for Local Health Dept K-12 Schools

The Latest Video updates from Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Claybourn:

2020 October 23 Video Featuring our School Nurse, Mrs. Masino 

2020 October 16 Video Featuring Mrs. Eberly and the Guidance Department

2020 October 9 Video Featuring Mr. Marlys and Senior Trip info

2020 September 25 Video Featuring Mr. Manlove (BTSN) 

2020 September 21 Special Broadcast COVID Procedures

2020 September 17 Video Featuring Mr. Redman (Highlights the Hybrid Schedule)

2020 September 4 Video The Orientation

2020 August 27 Video Highlighting Self-Screening, Entrance, Orientation, and Hybrid Start

2020 August 13 FAQ's

2020 July 31 Return to School Plan

2020 July 8

2020 July 2