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Mr. Matthew Sheehan Superintendent [email protected] 
Mrs. Jeanette Dean Admin. Asst. - Superintendent [email protected] 
District Business Office
Mr. Jim McCullough Business Administrator [email protected]
Mrs. Nadia Kraemer Accounts Payable [email protected]
Mrs. Danielle Dolce Secretary to B.A. [email protected] 
Mrs. Kristin Coco Assistant to B.A. [email protected]
Mr. Jarod Claybourn Principal [email protected] 
Mr. Sean Redman Vice Principal [email protected] 
Mrs. Robynn Considine Director of Secondary Ed [email protected] 
Mr. Scott Manlove Athletic Director [email protected]
Mrs. Rachel Ravior Vice Principal [email protected]
Mrs. Debra Sukinik Supv. of Special Services [email protected]
Art / Music
Mr.  Sean Dillon Teacher [email protected]
[email protected]
Mr. Walter Young Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Alexander Younger Teacher [email protected] 
Business Education
Mr. Jason Shivers Teacher J[email protected] 
Mr. Gregory Yeager Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Michael Carty Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs.  Sarah DiMarco Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Nicole Dunn Teacher [email protected] 
Ms. Rebecca Forcellini Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Sierra Jordan Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Kristin Kelsey Teacher [email protected] 
Ms. Amanda O'Neill Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Laura McKee Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Jennifer Murphy Teacher [email protected] 
Family & Consumer Sciences and Foods
Mrs. Carrin Bachowski Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Daniel Riley Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Tara Eberly Counselor [email protected] 
Keith Controvich Counselor [email protected]
Ms.   Lauren Kocher Counselor [email protected]
Mrs. Patrice Litle Counselor [email protected] 
Mr. William Scully Counselor [email protected] 
Individual Education
Mr. Robert Atene Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Lynee Covington Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Leah Knestaut Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Karen Hoffman Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Christopher Jones Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Jason Kangas Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Charles Kiersznowski Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Kate McDonald Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Kristin O'Donnell Teacher [email protected]
[email protected]
Mr. Daniel Stuart Teacher [email protected] 
Ms. Elizabeth Viereck Teacher [email protected]
Paraprofessionals/Instructional Aides
Mr.  Jeffrey Abbott Paraprofessional [email protected]
Ms. Kasey Billingsley Paraprofessional [email protected] 
Ms.  Lori Carroll Paraprofessional [email protected]
Mr. Brian Farr Paraprofessional [email protected]
Mr.  Chris Gebhart Paraprofessional [email protected]
Ms. Rachel Joss Paraprofessional [email protected] 
Mr.  Anthony McGuane Paraprofessional [email protected]
[email protected]
Mr.  Amin Muhammed Paraprofessional [email protected]
Mrs. Marcella Stepash Paraprofessional [email protected] 
Ms. Melissa Toscano Paraprofessional [email protected] 
Mr. David Baitinger Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. John Baker Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Edward Baynes Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Alexis Ciccarelli Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Jack Greener Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Matthew Macpherson Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Kevin Schules Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Stephanie Zapisek Teacher [email protected] 
CDR Eric Humphreys Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Dale Oltarzewski Teacher [email protected] 
Physical Education
Mrs. Emily Caracciolo Teacher [email protected] 
Ms. Kacey Waters Teacher [email protected] 
[email protected]
Mr. Christian Hoffman Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. William O'Donnell Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Keith Shepherd Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Clint Wiley Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. John Flocco Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Michael Goffredo Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Jeffrey McIlvaine Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Cynthia Packer Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Tyler Sheilds Teacher [email protected]
Mr.  Kevin Stewart Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Helena Walsh Teacher [email protected]
Mr. Jason Howe Teacher [email protected]
Ms.. Crystal King YST Secretary  [email protected] 
Ms.  Erin Dever Guidance Secretary [email protected]
Mrs. Monica DiCiano Main Office Secretary [email protected] 
Linda Giambri
Guidance Secretary
[email protected]
Mrs. Julia Haughwout Principal's Secretary [email protected] 
Mrs. Jennifer Graham Vice Principal's Secretary [email protected]

Social Studies
Mr. Justin Barringer Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. James Blumenstein Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Christopher Carpenter Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. John Gardiner Teacher [email protected] 
Mrs. Kelly Johnson Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Peter Marlys Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Paul Stanko Teacher [email protected] 
Technology Ed
Mr. Daniel Farr Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Joseph Feeney Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Tadd Kozeniewski Teacher [email protected] 
Mr. Robert Strauss Teacher [email protected] 
World Language
Ms. Mimma-Marie Cammarata Teacher [email protected] 
Ms. Sofia Capinha Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Sharon Galt Teacher [email protected] 
Ms. Stephanie Werner Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Carolyn Strow Teacher [email protected] 
Youth Study Team
Mrs. Stacy Diduch School Psychologist [email protected] 
Mrs. Margaret Wilson Social Worker/Case Manager [email protected] 
Mrs. Nancy Lebano Speech Language Specialist [email protected] 
Student Support / HIB Specialist
Mrs. Maryjo Eppright Student Support/HIB Specialist [email protected] 
Attendance Officer
Mr. Dallas Carter Attendance Officer [email protected] 
School Nurses
Mrs. Elizabeth Donato Nurse [email protected] 
Ms. Michelle Platt Nurse  
Technology Support
Mrs.  Gina  Lisanti Asst. Network Administrator [email protected]
Mr. Paul Mays Network Administrator [email protected] 
Mr. Jeff Routzahn Asst. Network Administrator [email protected]
Media Center Specialist
Mrs. Kristin Irace Media Specialist [email protected] 
Athletic Trainer
Mr. Shawn Klenk Athletic Trainer [email protected] 

Mr. Tom Arcinese Buildings & Grounds Supv. [email protected]
Mr. Gary  Smith Night Foreman [email protected]