National Honor Society

Personal Narrative Rubric

Procedures for Sterling National Honor Society
**Application Deadline November 1st**

NHS Application**

**All eligible students were notified via email
by Ms. Kocher on October 8, 2021. 
Completed applications are due back by November 5th, 2021.

Questions about National Honor Society can be directed to Lauren Kocher, [email protected].  


  1. Induction ceremonies will typically be held in late November or early December.  This allows the start of the school year to begin with some time for adjustment, and ensures inducted juniors a full 2 years in NHS.

  2. Qualified junior and senior candidates will be notified by the end of the first marking period and will need to complete all directions in the application.
    1. Qualification is defined by the following criteria
      • Cumulative average from freshman and sophomore years of 93 or higher
      • No major disciplinary incidents
      • No more than one “C” and no “D” or “F” grades

  3. Qualified candidates will need to fill out an application in which all out-of-school activities are listed.  All Sterling activities must be initialed by activity moderator; all community, town, or other outside activities must be accompanied by a verification letter from an activity supervisor.  Please watch the NHS Application Video here.
    1. The following outside activities qualify for inclusion
      • part-time work during the school year
      • community clubs or civic organizations
      • volunteer work
      • other activity as accepted by NHS moderator or Sterling administration
    2. Completed applications must be submitted via NHS Application Form to be considered for NHS
      Co-Curricular Activities Application
      Awards and Special Recognition Application
      Community Service Activities Application
      Work Experience Application

    3. Activities will be assigned a point value, resulting in an activity score for each student

  4. Qualified students will be rated by faculty on 1) character and 2) leadership.  Faculty ratings will be anonymous.  Faculty are encouraged to comment on the student candidates, and will be asked to explain any remarkable negative ratings. 

  5. Final evaluation will use the following formula (Criteria divided by 6):

    (G.P.A. x 2) + Activity Score + Avg. Character + Avg. Leadership + Ess

  6.  This will yield the candidate’s overall score.  Students will then be ranked by the overall scores.

  7. A faculty & administration panel will be formed for the purpose of making the final decision on NHS candidates.  The faculty panel of 5 will be voluntary and anonymous. The faculty panel will consider the candidates’ overall score, cumulative average, character and leadership ratings, and other remarkable information about the student.

  8. Selected students will be sent acceptance letters congratulating them on their acceptance and preparing them for induction ceremonies.  Students who were not selected will be informed in writing and junior students will be encouraged to maintain their academic, social, and activity contributions in order to be considered the following year.  


Induction is an essential part of NHS activities.  It is the organization’s time to be recognized by the community, and joins Sterling to a vast, nationwide community of NHS groups in other schools.  Therefore, it is an event of great importance and should be a joyful part of a student’s time in NHS.



  1. All NHS members, both new and existing, must attend induction ceremonies.

    1. Excused absences are limited only to personal illness or family emergency

    2. Newly-selected members who are unexcused-absent from induction ceremonies will not be inducted, and therefore will have their selection to NHS cancelled

    3. Existing members who are unexcused-absent from induction will be placed on probation for at least one quarter

    4. Any officer who is unexcused-absent from induction will be permanently removed from his or her officer position and will be placed on probation for at least one quarter

    5. NHS members must make arrangements to attend practice on or around the day of induction.Practice will usually be held after school.


  2. Mentor

  1. Senior members of the NHS— newly-inducted and returning— will select a mentor to be recognized during the ceremony.The acceptance letter will have further details on this matter.


  1. All NHS members must remain in good academic standing, defined as no more than one “C” grade and no “D” or “F” grades at any marking period.


  2. Members who fall below these academic standards will be placed on probation for one marking period

    1. At the end of the probationary marking period, the student will be re-evaluated.Should the student again be in good academic standing, he or she will be allowed to continue membership in the NHS.If the student is still not in good academic standing, he or she will be removed from NHS.


  3. Any member committing a gross violation of the NHS pillars of character, service, leadership, and scholarship, including disciplinary violation or breaches of character, will be placed on probation or removed from NHS, at the discretion of the faculty council.


  4. All members must take place in monthly NHS meetings and yearly activities and fundraisers.

  1. Members who repeatedly or willfully miss meetings, fundraisers, or NHS-sponsored events will be placed on probation or removed from NHS, at the discretion of the faculty council.



  1. The SHIELD (Students Helping Individuals Experiencing Learning Difficulty) program is Sterling’s peer tutoring organization.SHIELD is an important part of the overall academic functioning of Sterling High School. As such, all NHS members must undergo training in SHIELD Tutoring ; training will be provided in September and/or January, after school.  Members must be available to tutor after school at the discretion of the advisor or school administration.It is the tutor’s responsibility to make time for tutoring.Students are encouraged to devise a personal schedule to balance work, school, sports, etc. with tutoring.Tutors should work with the NHS moderator or SHIELD program director to develop a workable schedule.