Clubs and Activities


Academic Challenge Team Mr. Carty [email protected]
Art Club Ms. Phillips [email protected]
Band  Mr. Young [email protected]
Believe in U/Student Council Mrs. Johnson [email protected]
  Mrs. Bachowski [email protected]
Class of 2023 Mr. Strauss [email protected]
Class of 2024 Mrs. Walsh [email protected]
Class of 2025 Mrs. Packer [email protected]
Class of 2026 Ms. Ciccarelli [email protected]
Chorus/Silvertones Mrs. Blankenship [email protected]
Esports Club
Ms. Qira
[email protected] 
FBLA Mr. Yeager [email protected]
FCA Mr. Barringer [email protected]
FCCLA Mrs. Bachowski [email protected]
GSA Ms. Armbruster [email protected]
Interact Club Ms. Stepash [email protected]
Knightline Publication Ms. Covington [email protected]
Morning News Mr. Farr [email protected]
National Honor Society Ms. Kocher [email protected]
Project Graduation Mrs. Eppright [email protected]
SADD Mrs. Eppright [email protected]
School Store - Armory Mr. Shivers [email protected]
Spanish Club Ms. Galt [email protected]
Spring Musical  Mrs. Blankenship [email protected]
Tech Crew Mr. Kozeniewski [email protected]
World Cultures Club Ms. Cammarata [email protected]
Writing Club Mrs. O'Neill [email protected] 
Yearbook (Pictures) Mrs. Walsh [email protected]
Yearbook (Financial) Mr. Yeager [email protected]